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5 Amazing Field Trips for Preschoolers That You Didn’t Know

5 Amazing Field Trips for Preschoolers That You Didn’t Know


You have probably taken your kid to many places and now you think that all options are exhausted. Well. If you thought so, you are in for huge surprise. There are lots of other places that seem ordinary yet they can provide your kid with great learning experience. I was in a similar situation until I contacted an expert to advise me on what to do. His suggestion looked simple but the experience was just amazing. I wondered why I had taken so long to give it a try.

An expert suggested that we visit places such as backroom of a grocery store or dentist office. He said that every new experience is important because it helps to expand not only the vocabulary of the child but also his knowledge. With some prior planning, these small places are great. They are worth taking your child. They will enable your child to learn words and new concepts that will remain embedded in his mind.

#1. Veterinary Clinic 

According to experts, this wonderful place offers your child the opportunity to learn and discuss different types of pets as well as how to care for them. She adds that parents should inform the relevant authorities early so that everything can be prepared in advance for kids to observe. The vet officer will also advice you on the best time for children to visit so that they are not interrupted by noise or any other disturbance. If your child loves watching and playing with animals, this will be the best opportunity for him to experience and enjoy more.

It also advisable to ask the vet the if he is willing to show x-ray photos of animals or if he will allow your child to listen to the animal’s heartbeat by using a stethoscope. This is part of the experience. In addition, the vet can talk about why nutrition and exercise is important to pets such as dogs and cats. Moreover, he can introduce vocabularies related to health such as prescription and vocabulary. You should ask your child how animals and people differ, if he can read the numbers indicated on scale and if he can be able to tell whether a pet is sick or not. You can also set up a small vet clinic at home so that your child can learn more.

#2. Auto Repair Shop

Boy kids love cars. You should therefore make point to contact a mechanic. Ask him in advance if he can offer you opportunity to take your child around his premise. You child will begin to experience the wonders of robotics and engineering if he sees a machine that mounts tires in use. He will also be amazed to watch a hydraulic lift lifting a big car. 

One parent suggests that when your child who is used to seeing a car on the ground sees it being lifted, he will begin to learn new things and perceive what looked familiar in a different way. You should ask the mechanic to select some car components such as battery, spark plugs and dipstick. He should also explain basic tools in the garage and how each tool is used. 

You should also make sure that he observes the process of changing engine oil. Allow him to see the difference between old and new engine oil. Ask him why they look different. As you wait for his response, you can count the number of tires. You may also talk about different types of cars that can be observed in the auto repair shop.

#3. Pizza-Parlor Kitchen

There are quite a number of pizzerias that offer educational tours. Some of them include Uno Pizzeria & Grill, Cici’s Pizza and California Pizza Kitchen. You may choose to call a local pizza and request for a visit with your child. When your kid sees a restaurant kitchen and observes big –sized bowls, large ovens etc., she will become curious and eager to learn about food preparation methods. 

To enhance safety of your child, it is advisable that you pull back her hair especially if it is long. In addition, you should make sure that she wears closed shoes. You should also advise her not to touch anything in the course of the tour. Encourage her to ask questions. For instance: What kitchen tools does she know? How are they used? How is food prepared? What cooking methods does she know? You can have this kind of trips in other eateries such as chocolate shop, ice-cream parlor and bakery. This will enable your child to explore and learn more.

#4. Local Creeks 

Dress in appropriate clothing. Make sure that you dress your child with dirt-friendly clothes. Visit river bank and explore the beauty that it offers. Try to bring out and explore curiosity in a child. This can be achieved by asking simple questions such as’’ What animals liver in water? Where does the water come from? Pick some rocks in the area and show him. Let him observe as you help him compare their differences and similarities. You may throw them in the reek so that your child can observe the ripple effect. This is an amazing experience. Let him see the difference between the size of ripples caused by big and small rocks. 

Check if budding engineer can construct a dam or bridge to help stop the water. You can also challenge your kid to make a small boat. Let her use naturally available materials such as leaf, stone, flower, log of wood and more to see those that float as well as those that will sink. This is physics. Testing the behavior of different objects in water can help him/her become a great scientist in future. This is according to experts. You can offer him some biology lessons by taking small living creatures such as tadpoles, earthworms and dragonflies. Discuss their habitat, movement and feeding habits. You should make sure that you carry a bag so that your child will use to carry some treasures he finds at the river bank.

#5. Animal Orphanage

Take your child to animal orphanage. Let him see the wild animals he watches on TV. Ask him if he can identify them by names. For example, hyena, leopard, gorilla, lion, zebra and more. Explain to him what the animals eat. Tell him why it is important to protect wild animals. Encourage him to ask the tour guide as many questions as he can. 

In conclusion, the above are the perfect places to take your child. Not only are they enjoyable but will also enable your kid learn a lot. They will trigger curiosity in him. Therefore, as a caring parent who wants the best for your child, try your best and take your kid to the places explained above.

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