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Expert Approved Ways to Teach Kids About Healthy Food Choices

Expert Approved Ways to Teach Kids About Healthy Food Choices

The health of every child is very important. The food they eat is a major determinant of their health. However, kids may not be able to make healthy food choices given their young age. As a parent, it is your responsibility to ensure that you child takes healthy food. Healthy foods are those that will not cause conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and more. Unfortunately, some parents find it difficult to teach their children how to make healthy food choices. The good news is that it is very easy to do so. This can be done by using easy and funny ways that your kid will find enjoyable. He will therefore not resist. It is important that you apply them if you value the health of your child.

Doctors have diagnosed many children with health complications which are linked to poor food choice. Their blood pressure is high. The same applies to blood sugar content. This situation is worrying. It shows that parents are not keen with the kind of foods they give to their children. They don’t consider the health implications of such foods.

Other conditions that are becoming rampant among kids include attention deficiency hyperactivity disorder(ADHD), asthma and diabetes have been linked to eating unhealthy foods.

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It would have been better if Food was taught in schools as a subject on its own. But you cannot entirely rely on this. You need to use a different approach that is applicable to children and which can deliver the best results. The approach should involve fun because that is what most kids like. We have a number of fun games and visual examples that you can use.

Practice Pace 

You should try and slow the speed to at least 30 seconds after the kid makes the first bite. This is important because it will enable the body of your child to respond well after having eaten the right quantity of food. Slowing down the pace also enables the kid to know the real taste of food. He will find it nice and appetizing. Next time you will not have to ask him eat the food. The child will ask for it instead.

Experiment with App-y meals 

There is a mobile app called Fooducate. This amazing app allows you to scan any type of food with a bar code so that you can know the letter grade quickly. The letter grade helps you to know how real and healthy the food is. The most impressive thing about this app is that it makes the process of determine whether a particular food is healthy or not into an interesting child-friendly shooting game.