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Positive Education Workshop Intro

At IPC, we believe that schools need to update the way they teach so they can equip their students to not just survive, but thrive in the new world. With key social, emotional and psychological skills, they will be able to rise up to face the challenges they meet, and face them with optimism and strength.

Attendees will receive high value in a short amount of time, including cutting-edge research and practical examples of how to apply them. Come to learn how you can take Positive Education back to your school. Bonus: you will get to hear great stories as well as learn research based interventions that you can apply in your classroom!

SynopsisWho Should Attend?Why Positive Education?Objective of TrainingTime and LocationWhy Now?Why IPC?
As the world changes, so too must our approach to education. To face the new world, children need more than just cognitive knowledge and academic skills. IPC introduces skills like resilience, optimism, and emotional intelligence that will enable students to weather challenges, retain agility in uncertain situations and work alongside people who are different. In this workshop/talk, participants will learn about Positive Education and its benefits, and get a taster of some positive interventions designed to create a positive classroom environment.
Principals, Heads of Departments, Teachers, and Ministry Officials.
We are passionate about raising the next generation of children to THRIVE. This means moving beyond surviving, to actually positively impacting themselves & their community. Research has proven time and again that when children are happy, they learn better. Also, for children, to reach their full potential, they need more than just cognitive knowledge. They need to know core social, emotional & psychological skills (such as getting along with others, being mindful) so they can face the dynamic & changing world of the future. Recently, there have been many reports on the increasing rates of anxiety and depression in the youth. With positive education, they can be equipped with the skills to overcome their limiting beliefs and anxiety, to cultivate resilience and optimism for the future. This methodology drives us to spread the message to school communities, parents & organizations through workshops, books & online education.
Introduce Positive Education & its benefits

Why Positive Education is so important for students at this point in time

Share the S.E.T framework as a way to introduce & implement Positive Education in schools.

Date Time Duration Location
April 27th, 2019
10am to 12pm 2 Hours Kuala Lumpur
The world is getting more volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA). Also, mental health concerns amongst children are rising, with approximately 10% of youth and children suffering from anxiety. Positive Education offers the tools (supported by research) to support children to thrive.

We’ve been in the Education industry for over 20 years and our trainers hold Masters degrees and higher (e.g, Positive Psychology) from Ivy League universities and other international top ranked universities. Our trainers bring in a rich combination of research and experience in teaching and working with over thousands of teachers and almost 100 schools in the region. We understand what is needed to build a school and learning environment that supports all members of the community to thrive and we are here to help. We understand the importance of supporting and empowering teachers, administrators, and students with evidence-based approaches.





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