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Positive Parenting Workshop

At IPC, we believe that a firm sense of self and a willingness to explore-and-experiment is what our children will need to face the increasingly changing world. Being able to support them with research-based strategies means we can give them a strong foundation to thrive.

Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of your role as parents and how you can create a positive home environment that enables your children to thrive!  Come to learn how you can take Positive Parenting back to your family. Bonus: you will get to hear great first-hand stories as well as learn research-based interventions that you can apply in your home!

SynopsisWho Should Attend?Why Positive Parenting?Objective of TrainingTime and LocationWhy Now?Why IPC?
Parents play a critical role in the positive growth and development of their children. Research has found that when parents are involved and supportive, children develop a secure attachment that allows them to feel confident and explore the world. In this workshop/talk, we will share how positive psychology can be applied to parenting and some simple interactive strategies parents can take home to use.
Parents of children at local & international schools and universities, newlyweds and expecting parents.
We are passionate about raising the next generation of children to THRIVE. This means moving beyond surviving, to actually positively impacting themselves & their community. Research has proven time and again that when children are happy, they learn better. Also, for children, to reach their full potential, they need more than just cognitive knowledge. They need to know core social, emotional & psychological skills (such as getting along with others, being mindful) so they can face the dynamic & changing world of the future. Recently, there have been many reports on the increasing rates of anxiety and depression in the youth. With positive parenting, children can be equipped with the skills to overcome their limiting beliefs and anxiety, to cultivate resilience and optimism for the future. This parenting methodology drives us at IPC to spread the message to families, communities, parents, schools, and organizations through workshops, books & online education.
Introduce what Positive Parenting is and its benefits.

Share the reasons why Positive Parenting is necessary for children and simple strategies they can use to get started.

Date Time Duration Location
August 26th, 2018
2pm to 4pm 2 Hours Kuala Lumpur
More children are suffering from anxiety and depression at a younger age. Also, the world is increasingly connected and different from before – all the more reason they need to be psychologically well to navigate what is yet to come.
Our professional network, as well as most of our staff, are parents and have been through (and still on) this journey with their children. As parents and professionals, we have a deeper understanding of how they are changing and responding to the world around them.  IPC found the use of positive psychology extremely helpful in supporting parenting skills and mindset. We aim to share these methodologies with you to enable you, as we did, to share such knowledge with your children as they grow up so they are equipped to thrive; and we are here to continually support. We understand the importance of supporting and empowering parents, relatives, and children with evidence-based approaches.





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