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What to Expect at Week 9 of the Pregnancy

What to Expect at Week 9 of the Pregnancy

In this guide, you are going to learn what to expect in week nine during your pregnancy. This week is the one where most people have the “Oh my God, I am pregnant!” moment. Knowing what to expect will help you to relax. These tips and experiences are given by women who have been pregnant before, those who are pregnant now, and women who are pregnant for the first time. Week nine is the time that when you realize that you are indeed pregnant. 

Pregnancy Size 

During week nine, the size of the pregnancy is really small, and you can compare it to food for example. Some will compare it to the smallest egg ever laid, while others will compare it to "a cherry," or "garlic." The pregnancy might be small but by nine weeks you already know you are pregnant. You might have taken your first ultrasound scan, or experienced morning sickness, or just felt the baby's heartbeat. 

Stronger Sense of Smell 

The experience can be different for expectant mothers. Some pregnant women are laid back and lose track of the age of their pregnancy. Other women are just so keen and will take multiple tests and track each single day of their pregnancy. You may also experience a heightened sense of smell. You will find yourself being oversensitive to any smell that you think is out of place. 

Little or No Pregnancy Symptoms

Some women rarely experience any pregnancy symptoms. They just miss their period and know they should take a pregnancy test. When the test comes out positive, which is when they know they are pregnant. Others find out they are pregnant in fascinating ways; for example, they might be spotting, but after a taking a pregnancy test, the pregnancy test comes out positive. That is why it is important to take a pregnancy test just to be sure. 

Sharing the Good News 

Most people are usually worried about their pregnancy miscarriage because it occurs during their first trimester. People, therefore, keep it to themselves for a while without revealing it to others, especially on Facebook. People are, however, likely to know you are pregnant when you stop taking alcoholic drinks. 

Then there is the time to tell the family about it. If you have children, and you need to tell them about the good news, you may need to prepare them emotionally. Some prefer to tell only tell their husband, and they make it clear they should keep it to themselves until they are sure about it. No one wants to give the bad news of a miscarriage after all the initial excitement. 


Getting pregnant is a process that starts from the time you want to get pregnant to the time that you get pregnant. Some couples end up trying for a while before they get pregnant. That makes them nervous, and they may find it difficult to tell others they have conceived till they are sure the pregnancy will survive, and they will not have a miscarriage. However, it is important to know they are your family and friends. They will and should support you no matter what happens. 

Preparing for the Pregnancy 

Getting pregnant can catch you off guard sometimes, and you may end up feeling you misaligned everything. That happens a lot for first-time mothers. You may, for example, have wanted to renovate the kitchen and bathroom to accommodate the baby when he or she finally arrives. That leads to a surprise, then panic, then finally excitement that the baby is finally on the way. 

Some, for example, feel like the pregnancy has ruined their vacation. However, when you share the news with other family members or your partner, they will be very supportive, and that will be one of your best moments in your life. It is important always to keep in mind that family and friends should always be supportive irrespective of the time you get pregnant. 

Morning Sickness 

Then there is morning sickness. Some people think that if you do not have any morning sickness while others can have serious morning sickness. If you experience morning sickness, where you are throwing up anything you eat, and cannot hold anything at all, then you need to see a doctor. Not having morning sickness is totally fine and you should not be scared when that happens. The absence of morning sickness does not mean that your body is not protecting your baby. 

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